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Gouadec, Daniel. 2005. Modèle unifié d’exécution de prestations de traduction/traducteur avec applications à la pratique professionnelle et à la formation des traducteurs [Uniform model for translation/translator performances with applications for professional practice and translator training]. Meta 50 (4).
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No page numbers available, article on CD-Rom accompanying Meta, volume 50, issue 4.


This article purports to provide a ‘universal’ model of the conditions and workings of translation service provision, taking into account the variety of types of materials and types of functions that are, or may be, involved. The model is built from ‘operations’ that combine to build up modules and module sets which, in turn, make up the activities that are organised into elements further sequenced into the overall service provision. It offers a critical path analysis of the translation cycle, with due consideration to the various operators and functions that do influence the processes or interact in the course of the processess. Working with recombinant unitary operations makes it possible to pinpoint the influence of each and every variable and to clearly see the effects of variation without interference from influences outside the operations themselves. The article mentions new ways for research and study along those lines, explains how the model may be put to advantage to optimise the translator’s work process, and describes how it may impact the training of translators positively. [Based on abstract in journal]
Source : Based on abstract in journal