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Stöckmann, Britta. 2005. Translating the wild west: Stephen Crane in deutscher Übersetzung [Translating the wild west: Stephen Crane in German translation] (Europäische Hochschulschriften: Angelsächsische Sprache und Literatur 419). Bern: Peter Lang. 270 pp.
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The book deals with translation problems and strategies in the translation of Stephen Crane's Western tales. The research is based on a comparison of the English original and the German translations of The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky and The Blue Hotel. In his research, the author used two different approaches. In the case of the first story, the translations were compared with both the original and other translations, focusing on the adequacy and the 'how'. For the second story, the author focuses on the role of the translator and the 'why'. The analysis always concentrates on a comparison of a translation and the original text and tries to find out what led a translator to a certain result.
Source : A. Matthyssen