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Zhang, Hesheng and Lina Zhang. 2011. A functional approach to E-C translation. Melbourne: HIS and Melvard. 177 pp.
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The book provides a theoretical framework for the understanding of the translation process and the finished product, i.e. translated work. It is a practical application of Hallidaya’s functional linguistics to the description, analysis as well as critique (appreciation and evaluation) of translated work. The purpose of the book is to: (1) introduce a new perspective into English-Chinese Translation Studies and shed some light on the understanding of the translation process; (2) provide translators with a more practical approach so that their translation operation may be more manageable; (3) to quantify and materialize the much-touted and much-clouted “faithfulness” criteria to enable the translation critics to describe, analyse, evaluate and critique translated work in a scientifically “anatomical” manner.
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