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Archibald, James and Shmuel Wygoda. 2006. La responsabilité du médiateur textuel [The responsibility of the textual mediator]. Meta 51 (3) : 536–544.
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This article describes rules of translation behavior based on an analysis of Emmanuel Levinas's Nouvelles lectures talmudiques (NLT)? Although he did not expressly define this behavior, Levinas alluded to a reasoned approach to language mediation which would allow one to redefine translator responsibility in terms of moral philosophy. His vision of ethics colors our understanding of the role of the textual mediator, thus obliging us reexamine certain key concepts including those of interpreter and translator-exegete. This vision allows us to highlight a particular view of responsibility - intertextual, reflexive and procedural - with respect to the translator-exegete's relationship with sources, audience and the absolute other. The foundations of Levinas's reflexions on responsibility put him at the crossroads where the absolute other and the other meet. Hence, the textual mediator derives from the source text true meaning based on his acute sense of moral resonsibility. This philosophical reading of the NLT allows one to discover a translation model which may be generalized and may better sensitize translators to the principle of alterity insofar as it affects the processes and procedures of language mediation and improes the outcome of the translator-exegete's work.
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