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Vaxelaire, Jean-Louis. 2006. Pistes pour une nouvelle approche de la traduction automatique des noms propres [Ideas for a new approach to automatic translation of proper names]. In Grass, Thierry, John Humbley and Jean-Louis Vaxelaire, eds. La traduction des noms propres [ The translation of proper names]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 51 (4): 719–738.
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What are proper names? Are proper names translatable? A clear answer to those two questions should be prior to any attempt of machine translation of the proper names. Some author claim that the proper name is untranslatable, while the practice shows the opposite. Different criteria such as the textual genre, the historic context, the source language or the ontological nature of the bearer play a significant role in the decision to modify or to preserve the proper name in its original shape.
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