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Hertog, Erik and Bart van der Veer, eds. 2006. Taking stock: research and methodology in community interpreting. Special issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia: New Series 5 377 pp.
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Special issue
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Antwerp: HIVT
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ISSN 0304-2294 Special Issue


The articles in this special issue deal with research and methodology. In the first part the authors set out to trace some of the epistemological shifts that have determined the recent paradigmatic shifts in language studies and show how they trickle down to the level of ethics and role-definition in conference interpreting (CI). This part also pays particular attention to the fuelling contribution of such related disciplines as discourse analysis, pragmatics, cultural studies, sociology, psychology, etc. The second part addresses issues in the field of methodology and research practices. In the third part the authors discuss the specific situation of interpreting in medical settings. Legal interpreting is discussed in the fourth part. Part 5 deals with sign language interpreting and pervades each of the above research questions.
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