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Hoenselaars, Ton. 2004. Shakespeare and the language of translation (Shakespeare and Language Series). London: The Arden Shakespeare. 346 pp.
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ISBN-13: 9781904271451


Shakespeare's international status as a literary icon is largely based on his masterful use of the English language, yet beyond Britain his plays and poems are read and performed mainly in translation. This book addresses this apparent contradiction and is the first major survey of its kind. Covering the many ways in which the translation of Shakespeare’s works is practised and studied from Bulgaria to Japan, South Africa to Germany, it also discusses the translation of Macbeth into Scots and of Romeo and Juliet into British Sign Language. The collection places renderings of Shakespeare’s works aimed at the page and the stage, in their multiple cultural contexts, including gender, race and nation, as well as personal and postcolonial politics.
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