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Collantes Fraile, Carlos. 2005. Derecho y traducción: nuevos rumbos comunes [Law and translation: new common directions]. Hermeneus 7 : 21–38.
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This article presents an array of theoretical movements that have changed the conception of both law and translation theory. From the basis of the crisis of the representation, the author describes a series of theories from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s. He then compares these movements with the evolution of traductology, from structuralism to Translation Studies. He also introduces a new movement that changed the conception of law: the Critical Legal Studies Movement. This theory is important because it highlighted the political manipulation behind legal practice that tries to impose the ideals of certain social groups. This movement is similar to the Manipulation School introduced by Hermans and Lefevere. To conclude, the author compares both movements and stresses the importance of both theories.
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