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Gasille, Willem Jan and Heleen Keijzer-Lambooy, eds. 2005. Aequilibrium: instruments for lifting language barriers in intercultural legal proceedings (Cahiers voor Juridisch Vertalen en Tolken 3). Utrecht: ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen. 251 pp.
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Proceedings of the AGIS project JAI/2003/AGIS/048 #Instruments for lifting language barriers in intercultural legal proceedings#


This publication is an outcome of a EU-wide conference held in The Hague, at which members of the judiciary, police, ministries, universities and professional interpreters and translators shared ideas, best practices and criticism on the topic of legal interpreting and translating. Together they formed a network that created awareness of each other's position in legal proceedings, paving the way for equal treatment of suspects, irrespective of language barriers. Topics discussed include ethics, practical and technical limitations, political standpoints and dreams for the future. The articles in this book reflect the discussions and range form in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of the Proposal to case law illustrating what working with interpreters and translators entails. Special attention is given to working with sign language interpreters.
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