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Morgan, Caroline. 2005. The Commission's draft Proposal for a Framework Decision on certain procedural rights applying in proceedings in criminal matters throughout the European Union. In Gasille, Willem Jan and Heleen Keijzer-Lambooy, eds. Aequilibrium: instruments for lifting language barriers in intercultural legal proceedings (Cahiers voor Juridisch Vertalen en Tolken 3). Utrecht: ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen. pp. 23–33.
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As a member of the Criminal Justice Unit of the European Commission, the author has been involved in all stages that led to the draft Proposal for a Framework Decision. In this article she presents an overview of this draft Proposal. She briefly summarizes the historical background of the Proposal and puts it in perspective of the so-called third pillar aspects of the Treaty on the European Union. She then discusses the articles of the Proposal which are relevant for translation services.
Source : A. Matthyssen