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Anttila, Harry. 2002. Kulturbedingte textsortenspezifische Konventionen als Übersetzungsproblem: gezeigt am Beispiel der Arbeitszeugnisse [Culturally determined text-type specific conventions as translation problems: the example of work certificates]. In Koskela, Merja and Nina Pilke, eds. Erikoiskielet ja käannösteoria [LSP and theory of translation]. Vaasa: University of Vaasa, Faculty of Humanities. pp. 58–73.
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Translation is considered to be not merely a language but also a cultural transfer, which has to be taken into account when choosing a translation strategy. This strategy is also determined by the text type and it's function. The article looks at translation problems caused by different, culturally determined conventions and compares work certificates in Germany and Finland.
Source : A. Matthyssen