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Gorm Hansen, Inge and Miriam Shlesinger. 2007. The silver lining: technology and self-study in the interpreting classroom. Interpreting 9 (1) : 95–118.
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In an attempt to offset the negative effects of reduced contact hours, teachers of interpreting are encouraged to take advantage of cost-effective methods, including technology-assisted self-study sessions and offline practice. This paper describes the use of new pedagogical tools and equipment (ultra-modern labs, innovative software packages) to support the teaching of (mostly consecutive) interpreting at the Copenhagen Business School. The authors report on various interventions that were tried over a period of several years, in the interest of enhancing student performance. Aside from streamlining the teaching process, the new tools have been found to offset the anxiety so typical of interpreting students. The different types of materials — including those available on a dedicated e-learning platform — facilitate self-paced and self-monitored practice, and encourage independent practice among students whose motivation in the conventional setting had been far more limited. Dramatic improvements in the final exam success rates highlight the effectiveness of the new approach.
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