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Navarro Errasti, María Pilar, Rosa Lorés Sanz and Silvia Murillo Ornat, eds. 2004. Pragmatics at work: the translation of tourist literature. Bern: Peter Lang. 245 pp.
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Edited volume
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US-ISBN: 978-0-8204-7008-5


This volume is a collection of eight articles on the general topic of translation. The common element running through them all is the analysis of samples of tourist literature and their translations, from a pragmatic point of view. The languages concerned are mainly English and Spanish, but examples of German and French texts are also included. The theoretical approaches are multifaceted. Relevance theory, systemic-functional linguistics and discourse analysis are some of the theoretical standpoints taken as a background. The book covers phenomena such as translation quality assessment, audience design and perlocutionary effects, dealing also with more specific features like thematic structure, inference and propositional meaning, discourse markers and grammatical metaphor in order to provide a wide range of analyses for the specialised reader.
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