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Murillo Ornat, Silvia. 2004. Reformulation discourse markers in English and in Spanish: some cases of translation in tourist literature. In Navarro Errasti, María Pilar, Rosa Lorés Sanz and Silvia Murillo Ornat, eds. Pragmatics at work: the translation of tourist literature. Bern: Peter Lang. pp. 177–197.
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The basis of the study discussed in this article is a previous research on English reformulative discourse marker. This group comprises the following items: 'that is', 'that is to say', 'i.e.', 'in other words' and 'namely'. Their equivalent Spanish forms are 'es decir', 'esto es', 'o sea' and 'a saber', mainly. In this article several fragments of tourist literature which contains refromatuion markers are compared with their translations.
Source : A. Matthyssen