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Naaijkens, Ton, Cees Koster, Henri Bloemen and Caroline Meijer. 2004. Denken over vertalen: tekstboek vertaalwetenschap [Thinking about translation: a textbook of Translation Studies]. Nijmegen: Vantilt. 368 pp.
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Up until now, a real overview of perspectives on translation in the broadest sense of the word did not exist. This is remarkable, because “translation” is an intriguing matter that contributes to a better understanding of our culture. The need to get a better view on the different ways in which people think about translation has been present for quite some time. This text book shows the area of knowledge through classic and prominent essays from different countries. Its three main points are: history and description, reflection and theory, criticism and methodology. By presenting a well-considered selection, the editors aim at presenting as many different viewpoints as possible. Historically speaking, for example, the perspectives reach from Hiëronymus, Luther and Goethe to Benjamin, Borges and Jakobson. This volume presents a mix of theoretical and practical research, with texts (sometimes presented for the first time in Dutch) that are of cultural importance.
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