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Opas, Lisa Lena and Pekka Kujamäki. 1995. A cross-linguistic study of stream-of consciousness techniques. Literary and Linguistic Computing 10 (4) : 287–291.
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This article presents a descriptive study of two texts and their translations in an attempt to show how the translators have dealt with certain features related to the point of view in the texts and the impact of computational methods on Translation Studies. The point of departure is van Leuven-Zwart's (1989, 1990) idea that consistent changes on the microstructural level between a text and its translation also affect the macrostructural levels of the texts. The results are also related to Toury's (1980) concept 'translational norms’. The article shows how computers can facilitate looking for what solutions the translator has made as well as attempting to explain those solutions.
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