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Kelletat, Andreas F., ed. 1996. Übersetzerische Kompetenz: Beiträge zur universitären Übersetzerausbildung in Deutschland und Skandinavien [Translational competence: essays on university translator training programmes in Germany and Scandinavia] (FASK: Publikationen des Fachbereichs Angewandte Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft 22). Bern: Peter Lang. 288 pp.
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The 18 contributions in this volume deal with text analysis, text types and technical translation, contrastive grammar and its importance for translation, cultural contrasts and their role in text interpretation. Translational competence therefore is not the innate or learned skill to transfer texts from one language to another, but rather the combination of language, translation and literary and cultural knowledge, which ought to be part of a university translation training programme.
Source : A. Matthyssen