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Ramakrishna, Shantha, ed. 1997. Translation and multilingualism: post-colonial contexts. Delhi: Pencraft International. 262 pp.
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A compilation of papers presented at the seminar #Translation and Multilingualism in Post-Colonial Contexts: Indian and Canadian Experiences#, organised by the Centre of French Studies, the Centre of Indian Languages and the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute at the School of Languages of the Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi.


This collection of critical essays focuses on a variety of translation theories and practices, their strengths and limitations, their overlaps and differences in relation to multilingual post-colonial societies. The major areas of discussion include extensive evaluations of multilingualism, colonialism and translation, language dominance and its impact on minority languages, organic and structural pluralism, impact of language policy and planning on translation, cultural politics and translation, translation as assimilation/appropriation and subversion, and translation of technical texts from Sanskrit. The references often point to considerably parallel paradigms of translation activity in multilingual post-colonial societies of India and Canada.
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