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Hargan, Noeleen. 2006. The foreignness of subtitles: the case of Roma, città aperta in English. In Armstrong, Nigel and Federico M. Federici, eds. Translating voices, translating regions. Rome: Aracne. pp. 53–71.
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The words 'language' and 'translation' crop up regularly in film discourse. Rather than describing speech, written screenplays or language transfer, however, they refer to film's non-verbal expressive modalities. In Anglophone discourse on Italian film, reference English subtitles is rare, despite the likelihood that viewers will see a subtitled version. There appears to be just one kind of exception, namely, following a longstanding tradition in translation commentary, when the purpose is to point out supposedly inaccurate choices. This article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of subtitling, with Roma, città aperta as a case in point.
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