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Flotow, Luise von. 2005. Tracing the context of translation: the example of gender. In Santaemilia, José, ed. Gender, sex and translation: the manipulation of identities. Manchester: St. Jerome. pp. 39–51.
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Starting from the premise that the contexts in which translations and Translation Studies are produced are of paramount importance (Lefevere 1992), this article looks at a number of instances where gender has played an important role – in the process of translation and/or in the studies of a translated text. It begins with the work of Julia Evelina Smith, Bible translator in the 1850s and suffragette in the 1870s, moves on to the challenges encountered when translating the eighteenth-century abolitionist discourse of French intellectual women for twentieth-century America, turns to gay writing and its translation in the 1990s, and returns to the Bible at the turn of the new century – the Vatican's Liturgiam authenticam instructions on Bible translation and the new French Bible 2001.
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