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Ríos, Carmen and Manuela Palacios. 2005. Translation, nationalism and gender bias. In Santaemilia, José, ed. Gender, sex and translation: the manipulation of identities. Manchester: St. Jerome. pp. 71–79.
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The analysis of the connections between nationalism and translation allows for new perspectives on the issues of gender and language. An example of this is represented by the project undertaken by the Galician group Xeración Nós in the 1920s, as can be gathered from their translations into Galician of Irish texts which are concerned with nationalist issues. It seems that there is a gender bias in these translations, as both writers of the source texts and translators are usually men, whereas the nation is most often constructed in feminine terms. However, in order to avoid charges of essentialism, both source and target texts have been thoroughly analyzed to see how nationalist discourse constructs masculinity and femininity, as well as the degrees of appropriation of these patterns that translation may implement. The results of these analyses suggest that Galician translations of Irish nationalist texts in the 1920s have functioned as perpetuators of the gender bias of the source texts, maintaining all the stereotypes around masculinity and femininity which were characteristic of the Irish originals.
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