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Susam-Sarajeva, Şebnem. 2005. A course on 'gender and translation' as an indicator of certain gaps in the research on the topic. In Santaemilia, José, ed. Gender, sex and translation: the manipulation of identities. Manchester: St. Jerome. pp. 161–176.
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This essay focuses on the challenges of giving a lecture course on 'gender and translation' and on the insights such a course offers into Gender Studies and Translation Studies. Based on the experience of the author in teaching this course in Finland, the essay first examines the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a course on translation specifically from the perspective of gender-oriented approaches. It states that while the course was useful in increasing students' awareness in translational matters and gender-related issues, certain problems arose in relation to addressee, genre, and languages involved, and the feminist interests underlying these approaches. The essay then raises certain questions concerning the present levels of exchange between Gender Studies and Translation Studies, and between these disciplines and 'the real world'. It points out certain gaps in the existing research on gender and translation and offers some suggestions for tackling these gaps.
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