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Abdel-Aziz, Khaled. 2005. El lenguaje jurídico del derecho egipcio de familia (un enfoque descriptivo) [The legal discourse in Egyptian family law (a descriptive approach)]. Sendebar 16 : 133–165.
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The law number 100 for the year 1985 contains civil vocabulary that is irreligious and Islamic vocabulary and terminology as well, which derives its principles from the al-Ŝarī’a al-Islāmiyya or Islamic law. After analysing the Islamic, English and French influences in the Egyptian law, it has been deducted that the current Egyptian law 'post occupation' is a mixed one, and it had a phase of transition that has not been ended yet. This mixed nature of the Egyptian law sometimes and in some cases creates important differences and opposites. This essay describes the main general principles and features for this unique language and which is really considered among the specialising languages in the general Arabic frame. Since the resources, references and analytic studies are rare for the legal Arabic language law in general and the family law in particular; the brief analysis which is represented in this essay can help those who are interested in this field and also the researchers.
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