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Francis Véber, today a well known movie director, took his first steps in the world of movie making as a script writer. In his movies, it is easy to see that their comic effect is based on the richness of their dialogues including puns, cultural traits and a sense of humour which sometimes defies any effort at translation. What happens when some of these effects are lost in translation? In order for the viewer to get the message and appreciate the art of comedy in the dubbed version, that is to say, to make him laugh, it is crucial to try and capture the message and transmit it as best as possible in the target language. As we can see from two of Francis Véber's movies, Le dîner des cons (The Dinner Game) and Le placard (The Closet), it is not an easy task. What is more, in the case of Le dîner des cons, the dialogues are even more important since the movie is based on a play and the set remains the same throughout. In this paper, examples are used to illustrate the difficulties inherent in the dialogues of the two comedies and will analyze the dubbed versions in Spanish.
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