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For a long time Spanish readers have known the prose of the majority of the great Russian classics and many well-known contemporary writers in more or less accurate translations. Nevertheless, an insignificant part of the Russian lyric poetry has hardly been translated into Spanish, probably due to the fact that the translation of poetry implies additional difficulties and obstacles. That is why it can be stated that this is the most specialized kind of translation. The author of this work has collected some Russian poems translated into Spanish by different Spanish-speaking translators and published in Spain. As shown in this article by means of many examples, they use different and sometimes inadequate criteria. The author upholds the fidelity to the meaning of the poetical image in the texts and, furthermore, the maintenance in the Spanish version of the strophe, metre, rhythm and rhyme structure of the original. This approach is based on the newest investigations about Translation Studies around the world and especially in Russia, where translators and scholars have traditionally defended the preservation of the formal structure of the original and the esthetic norms of the language into which the poetic texts are translated.
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