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Training sworn translators and interpreters forms a part of undergraduate Translation degrees in many Spanish Universities. There is very little information available, however, about sworn translators as a social group and their everyday professional practice, which can orient members of this profession, Translation Studies students and their trainers. This paper provides a brief description of this professional group in Spain before analyzing the replies of 53 sworn translators to a questionnaire about their training and professional practice which forms a part of a wider empirical study. Their professional situation and their activity in the field of sworn translation (particularly in relation to academic documents) are described. The data are analysed, which offers information about the socialization of the profession, such as the degree to which its members belong to professional associations and their relations with text producers, with their clients and with the receivers of their translations. The results of our study pose important questions for the future development, projection and consolidation of the profession of the sworn translator in Spain.
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