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Yazici, Mine. 2006. Medical terminology and medical dictionaries. International Journal of Translation 18 (1&2) : 73–86.
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This paper mainly deals with the correlation between medical translation and translation-oriented theories. Accordingly, it aims at illuminating both professionals and trainees in what way translation-oriented theories help to improve the quality of domain specific translations, and what terminological barriers are waiting for them in medical translation. Therefore, it, on the one hand, addresses amateurish translators who can not bridge the gap between theory and practice; on the other hand, it concerns the professional linguists who are equipped with terminological jargon, but deprived of translation competence. Relatedly, it first identifies the position of medical translation in the light of translation-oriented theories; next, a micro-scale corpus based model is developed to question the conventional outlook which limits medical translation with terminological knowledge.
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