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Dimitriu, Ileana, ed. 2002. Translation, diversity and power. Special issue of Current Writing 14 (2) xiv + 242 pp.


The contributions consider the categories, practices and institutions that both need translation and marginalise translation. The range also incorporates philosophical, literary/ cultural, sociological and didactic forms of description in the translation process itself (to the extent that it relates to aspects of social and cultural power). For ease of reference, therefore, the special issue is divided into three parts, each of which focuses on one of the three main types of approaches: (1) Theoretical issues, (2) Concepts of translation in literary studies (postcolonial literature in/ as translation, inter-semiotic and inter-paradigmatic translation), (3) Translation as social practice in diverse institutional contexts (the publishing industry, the European Union, the Nokia corporation, the ‘institution' of the lingua franca). [Source: editor]
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