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Alcina Caudet, María Amparo. 2002. Tutorizar trabajos terminológicos en un entorno virutal de trabajo colaborativo [Supervising terminological work in a virtual collaborative workspace]. Sendebar 13 : 169–181.
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In this paper it is described how a virtual workspace on the Internet was designed using the BSCW software to enable students to organise their work and leave partially completed documents and draft so that the remaining member of the group can continue to work on them. It also allows the different workgroups to share their experiences and information. Tutoring by the lecturer through the virtual environment makes it easier to monitor the work at all stages of its development, which clearly leads to an improvement in the quality of the end results. At the same time, however, it also requires prior work that basically involves the organisation of the material to be presented to the students, the planning of the phases in which they will be asked to participate and the presentation of the results they will be required to produce.
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