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Berk, Özlem. 2006. Translating the 'West': the position of translated Western literature within the Turkish literary polysystem. In Monti, Enrico and Fabio Regattin, eds. Traduzione tradizione? Paths in the European literary polysystem. Special issue of Revue of Literatures of the European Union 4 URL
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Literary translations from the Western languages played an important role and function in the Turkish modernisation process, as manifested in the form of Westernisation starting in the mid-nineteenth century. This essay is examines the position of translated Western literatures within the Turkish literary polysystem. A historical-descriptive study of literary translations from Europe from the mid-nineteenth century onwards reveals that these translations not only helped to enrich the target literary system, bringing new literary models (genres), new subject matter, developing the language and giving rise to a new Turkish literature, they also had an effect upon the broader socio-cultural polysystem, especially on the process of identity creation.
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