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Bolaños Medina, Alicia. 1998. Euronews, ¿periodismo multilingüe o traducción subordinada? [Euronews, multilingual journalism or constrained translation?] In Ramírez Jaime, Ana Sofía, ed. Actas de las I jornadas de jovenes traductores (1997. Las Palmas). Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Universidad de las Palmas. pp. 133–139.
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The goal of this paper is to explore the border between translation and journalism in the daily work of some professionals of the mass media. Euronews is the first European television channel. Its programs are broadcast in at least five languages. The success of Euronews relies on a revolutionary way of adapting/translating every program to various languages. A team of journalists and/or translators carries out this task. As a result, 'linguists' working for Euronews seem to have a dual function, which is often closer to translation than to journalism itself.
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