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Fernández Fernández, Francisco and Ana Belén Fernández Guerra. 2003. Aportación del generativismo a la teoría de la traducción y a su didáctica [The contribution of generativism to the theory of translation and its teaching]. Anuari de Filologia 25 (A12) : 95–108.


This paper tries to explore the influence of generative-transformational grammar on Translation Studies and the teaching of translation. References are made to the model's main contributions to the description of natural languages, to the role of language universals in formulating the principle of equivalence between languages, to the description of the translation process as parallel to the language acquisition process, and to the acquisition of translation competence. The paper ends up asserting that the analysis of formal properties of languages, the acquisition of a new language and of translation expertise can be better obtained within the framework of the generative paradigm of linguistic research.
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