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In the present processes of globalisation all economic, commercial, geographic, and financial barriers are finally down. The advent of Internet and all the other audiovisual and multimedia means of communication has given a whole new connotation to translation in general and the work of the translator in particular. The translator is no longer a desk-slave buried under piles of dictionaries, but one of a team of specialists in the various communications sectors of the immense and varied world of cyberspace, the cybermarket, and cyberculture, where information exchanges occur in real time and across many languages. With the help of the computer-screen, s/he becomes the essential 'instrument' for the interpretation and forwarding of all this data, now supplied by infinitely more sophisticated support platforms; working with other communications experts and moving beyond 'mere' linguistic competence, the translator must constantly update technical awareness and adopt a flexible and interactive approach to the various communications-supports. [Source: BITRA/A. Martínez-Gómez Gómez] ]
Source : BITRA/A. Martínez-Gómez Gómez]