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Hudde, Hinrich. 2005. Christina Rossetti deutsch: praxisorientierte Überlegungen an Youth gone… und vor allem Song (When I am dead…) [Christina Rossetti in German: practice-oriented reflections on Youth gone and especially on Song (When I am dead)]. In Götz, Katrin and Thomas Herbst, eds. Translation and translation theory: uni- or bilateral relationship? Special issue of Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik. A Quarterly of Language, Literature and Culture 53 (2): 161–172.
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Hinrich Hudde reports on his own experience as a translator of poetry, mainly referring to Christina Rossetti. The author explains the factors relevant for the evaluation of different options in the translation process and presents a detailed analysis of the choices made by other translators. He also comments on the importance of different factors relevant to the background of the translator, where he assigns a relatively insignificant role to translation theory.
Source : BITRA/M.Á. Campos Pardillos