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Lindquist, Peter P. 2005. The MRC approach to interpreter performance evaluation: applying discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to the spoken word. In Valero-Garcés, Carmen, ed. Traducción como mediación entre lenguas y culturas/ translation as mediation or how to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps. Alcalá de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá. pp. 235–242.
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This paper presents an approach which examines interpreter renderings in terms of the conservation of source-text meaning, rhetorical value, and clarity, as well as the mechanics by which the message is altered. Discourse analysis and corpus linguistics techniques are applied to both audio recordings and text-transcriptions of interpreter renderings, making it possible to examine and enumerate observations about both linguistic and paralinguistic aspects of interpreter performance. The MRC approach as adapted for use in community interpreting and for use by individual self-study or formal instruction of interpreters is described.
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