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Morini, Massimiliano. 2005. Translating Scottish Poetry. Babel - A.F.I.A.L. 14 : 5–22.
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Article in jnl/bk
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It is often argued that translators must mediate between two languages and two cultures: but there are cases in which more than two languages and cultures are at stake, and in those cases translators have to base their work on a sound sociolinguistic basis. Translators of Scottish poetry, and of Scottish literature in general, must grapple with Scotland's 'within-group multilingualism', i.e., with the fact that many writers alternatively use English and Scots. In this article follows, the three traditional methods used to render this alternation are described, and a fourth method is proposed; also, the variables are examined which come into play when the source text is not only synchronically, but also diachronically removed from the translator.
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