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Marchesini, Giancarlo and Mauro Ferraresi. 2002. La traduzione audiovisiva: un caso di semiotica sincretica [Audiovisual translation: a case of syncretic semiotics]. In various authors, ed. Il traduttore nuovo: atti del convegno multimedia 2000 [The new translator: proceedings of the conference on multimedia 2000]. Special issue of Il Traduttore Nuovo 57 (2): 189–198.
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The aim is to lay the groundwork for a semantic model for dubbing which is heuristic rather than merely 'target oriented', in order to offset the pragmatism in audiovisual translation of recent years which has dictated an idea of the skill which is more process (translating) than product (translation).
Source : BITRA/A. Martínez-Gómez Gómez