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Diriker, Ebru. 2005. Konferans Çevirmenliği: Güncel Uygulamalar ve Araştırmalar [Conference interpreting: current research and practices]. 229 pp.
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The book focuses on the current practices and research paradigms in conference interpreting. Taking into account Turkey's accession process with the EU, the first part of the book provides an insight into conference interpreting in and for the EU institutions. It explores the principle and application of multilingualism in the EU, explains the main interpreting services, explores the implications of the EU accession process on conference interpreting in Turkey, and looks at the main training principles advocated by the EMCI consortium and professional organisations. The second part of the book focuses on Conference Interpreting Research and explores the historical and methodological evolution of the main paradigms in Conference Interpreting Research (CIR) with a special emphasis on how CIR relates to the practice and profession of conference interpreting.
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