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Tahir Gürçağlar, Şehnaz. 2005. Kapılar: Çeviri Tarihine Yaklaşımlar [Gateways: approaches to translation history]. Istanbul: Scala Yaynclk. 236 pp.


The book explores the links between translation and the fields of culture, literature, politics and history and makes a case for interdisciplinarity in translation studies. It argues that translation is not only an activity confined to the field of literature and publication but that it can be a tool for nation-building and a trigger for socio-cultural transformation. Gateways regards translation as a critical endeavour that can and should be studied in its various textual manifestations instead of a mere conceptual phenomenon and delves into four case studies, each exemplifying a different perspective and method in translation history, including a focus on agency, critical discourse analysis, reception studies and network maps.
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