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Wadensjö, Cecilia. 1992. Interpreting as interaction: on dialogue-interpreting in immigration hearings and medical encounters (Linköping Studies in Arts and Science 83). Linköping: Linköping University. 286 pp.
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This thesis is based on twenty recorded encounters involving on the one hand, Russian-speaking laymen, on the other hand, Swedish-speaking representatives of public institutions, and “in the middle”, dialogue interpreters. All experienced performers of this profession could contribute to a list of interesting cases of what could be counted as extremely problematic. However, a risk in dealing with such instances is that one tends to see other institutions, the “ordinary ones” as unproblematic. The aim of the present study is to approach dialogue interpreting from the opposite direction, to problematize the seemingly unproblematic. This study is descriptive and explanatory in orientation. The field of research is a relatively new one, a different analytical frameworks need to be developed and applied to empirical data.
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