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Donally, Paul J. 1995. Translating Erasmus in the sixteenth century: theory and practice in the case of the Colloquia. Sendebar 6 : 39–52.
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This article starts by underlining the great influence of Erasmus of Rotterdam for the transmission to Spain of reforming ideas, both political and religious, in the early part of the 16th century. On the basis of the analysis of different translations into Spanish of the same Erasmus’ work, the Colloquia, this study concludes that there are many approaches to the same text. In fact, the different translators perceive different messages to be conveyed. Moreover, certain translators use St Jerome’s idea of translating ad sensum as an excuse for departing from the original text in order to inculcate their own ideas, since almost without exception the translators were motivated by a desire to convey some form of moral teaching. Also, the study analyses the work of the correctors, who were exclusively focused on improving the style of the Spanish text, without going into analysing the actual translation from Latin.
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