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Lorés Sanz, Rosa, Leo D. Hickey, Hilaria Loya Gómez and Antonio Gil de Carrasco. 1993. Información 'conocida' y 'neuva' en la traducción literaria ['Known' and 'new' information in literary translation]. Sendebar 4 : 193–208.
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This paper discusses the consequences for literary translators of the dichotomy new information/known information and assesses the quality of literary translation in Spain. According to this article, the target reader has to perceive, as far as possible, the same as the original reader; for this reason, both the new and the known information must be included, always keeping the balance of the original. After analysing different literary translations form English into Spanish, the authors consider that the professional quality of literary translation in Spain is rather low. In view of the influence of publishers on the work of translators, it is essential to demand more respect and recognition for the translator’s role.
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