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Clouet, Richard. 2003. La traducción literaria como acto político: el caso de la literatura post-colonial africana [Literary translation as a political act: the case of postcolonial african literature]. Tradução e Comunicação 12.
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In this article, the author examines the translation and critical reception of English-speaking African literature in Spanish translation. Translating such works is a very difficult task. If language can be seen as the vehicle of culture, translation then consists in conveying in a target language concepts and symbolisms through a system of representations which is not fit to accommodate them. Based on Even-Zohar’s well-known polysystem theory, the study illustrates that both the selection of works translated as well as their reception in the target culture reflect not only the values of the target audience but also the role played by publishers who, through their attitudes to post-colonial literatures, lay down the norms and establish the canons of literary translation.
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