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Brownlie, Siobhan. 2006. Literary theory and the translator: gathering together the translator’s multiple roles. Translation Studies in the New Millennium 4.
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The article stems from the question as to whether literary theory can be useful to practising literary translators. Literary theory may be potentially useful in different ways. The author takes up the issue of conceptualization of the literary translator’s multiple roles. The article traverses a broad range of 20th century literary theories, which inspire reflection on a range of roles for the translator. The translator is or can be an author, a reader, a relayer of social discourses, a receiver, an interpreter, a transformer, an intermediary, an activist, a creative writer, a (re)producer, a decision-maker, a collaborator, and a negotiator. Strands of post-structuralist thought enable the gathering together of multiple sources of meaning, and multiple roles of the translator. It is concluded that a sound awareness of their roles should help translators accomplish their translating tasks more confidently and more effectively.
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