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İnal, Tanju and Mümtaz Kaya. 2006. Nedim Gürsel’in Resimli Dünya sındanTimour Muhidine’ in Les Turbans de Venise’ine: Kültürel Ögelerin Çevirisi İle İlgili Betimleyici Bir Çalışma [From Nedim Gürsel’s Resimli Dünya to Timour muhidine’s Les Turbans de Venise: a descriptive study about the translation of cultural elements]. Translation Studies in the New Millennium 4.


Literary translation and 'literary translation criticism' are skills and fields of expertise to be developed within a certain period of time and through practice; these are courses which differ from other specialized translation courses. These courses necessitate the development of a framework towards literary translation. In this study the authors present ‘successful attempts at literary translation’ that necessitate the use of approaches pertaining to theories such as Toury’s descriptive translation studies and Vermeer’s skopos theory; always keeping in mind our student profiles. In line with this, the study entails the analysis of how features from various cultures from Nedim Gürsel’s multi-cultural novel Resimli Dünya were transferred in its translation into French as Les Turbans de Venise. In discussing the transfer of cultural features, the translation strategies, the reasons behind the use of these strategies we concentrate on what choices the translator made through his linguistic, translation and cultural competence and thus was able to reflect in the translated version.
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