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Ahmad, Khurshid and Margaret Rogers, eds. 2007. Evidence-based LSP: translation, text and terminology (Linguistic Insights: Studies in Language and Communication 47). Bern: Peter Lang. 584 pp.
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This book presents a number of different perspectives on the central theme of 'evidence' and its interpretation in the study of specialist languages and their various uses. The principal topics include text corpora, citation patterns, some challenging dichotomies, terminology and knowledge management, and specialist translation. Each topic is presented in one of five parts, each with its own introduction. The volume includes contributions from established and new researchers in the field, as well as well-known scholars from other disciplines who bring a fresh eye to LSP studies. The book presents selected papers from LSP2003, the 14th European Symposium on Language for Special Purposes held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, in co-operation with the AILA Scientific Commission on Language for Special Purposes.
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