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Homme, Marie-Claude L'. 2004. La terminologie: principes et techniques [Terminology: principles and techniques]. Montreal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal. 282 pp.
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Terms play an important role in a great number of activities. They allow us to bring across knowledge in a specific field of interest (medicine, ICT, law, etc.), to communicate information in written or oral form and to access documents on the Internet. Terms are also an object of research in the field of terminology. La terminologie: principes et techniques offers an introduction in the fundamental principles and techniques that underlie the description of terms and specialised dictionaries. Problems and issues in the field of terminology are discussed from a didactic point of view and are illustrated by means of examples. The book is divided in 8 chapters of which the first three deal with the theoretic notions that are required in order to understand terms and their function in specialised texts. The following five chapters describe ICT techniques used in term description.
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