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Taillefer de Haya, Lidia. 2007. Pioneras de la lingüistica inglesa: traductoras, educadoras y lingüistas [Women pioneers of English linguistics: translators, educators and linguists]. In Medina Guerra, Antonio María, ed. Avanzando hacia la igualidad [Approaching equality]. Malaga: Asociación de Estudios Históricos sobre la Mujer. pp. 36–51.
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This chapter sets out to recall the path followed by fifteen women who contributed to the development of English linguistics from within the fields of translation, education and grammar. From the Renaissance onwards, English women began to carry out translations, which would lead them gradually towards the formulation of a theory of translation (Tyler, Behn, Montagu, Carter and Eliot). Subsequently, there emerged a number of noteworthy educators (Makin, Barbauld, Wakefield and Martineau), who produced pragmatic didactic manuals. And later on we find authors of linguistic studies (Elstob, Fisher, DuBois, Piozzi, Fenn and Wollstonecraft), but few of them are included in the English linguistic canon, despite the fact that it was precisely these women who dealt with these areas abandoned by the men such as modern languages (French, Spanish, etc.), prose (literary, scientific, etc) and applied linguistics.
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