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Taillefer de Haya, Lidia. 2006. Traductografía y traductología en lengua inglesa [English translation practice and theory]. Málaga: Ediciones del Grupo de Investigación Traductología. 195 pp.
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This book takes as its starting point a bibliographical corpus on translation in English (Traducing y cadencies auxiliaries en lingual ingles: corpus bibliographic y examine critic), in which publications not only of English authors but also from other countries that use English as a means of international scientific communication are included. The aim of this study is to fill in certain gaps in the history of the theory and practice of translation in English, moving on to provide an in-depth analysis of the four main thematic areas that comprise the specialised subject: translation practice, translation theory, ancillary sciences and the didactics of translation. After giving a general panoramic view covering the period from the Ancient World to the 20th Century in Western Civilisation, a special reference is made to Great Britain and the United States; the specific section on the translation of the Bible owes its inclusion to the fact that it is a specialised translation that followed its own peculiar course within the Anglo-Saxon culture. The Anglophones emerge as pioneers in studies on translation, basically through their application of empirical theories (characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon culture) as opposed to the hermeneutic method.
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