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This chapter comes from an edition on applied English linguistics that focuses on those disciplines most relevant to philological research such as Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, ELT and Translation. In particular, this study analyses the use of translation within the field of English Philology, as it starts from the hypothesis that this activity is of special use in this field as it allows for in-depth analysis not only of general linguistics and the English Language but also of different sociolinguistic and socio-cultural aspects; moreover, translation enables us to learn how to dissociate two languages that are in contact, appreciating the differences in morpho-syntax, lexis and textual order. Bearing in mind that philologists must be taught translation theory and practice, acquiring knowledge of the different classes of translation (literal/free, semantic/communicative, etc.) and the main procedures involved in translating (transposition, modulation, equivalence and adaptation), the study concludes with a review of different translation activities and an annotated bibliography.
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